Vespa History

1946 Piaggio builds the first Vespa with Pontedera meadows of Florence Cubic capacity 98 Cm3.
Production of the first year 2484 units.
1947 Piaggio builds 10.500 Vespas
1948 the Vespa is available in 125 Cm3
1950 Record of the Vespa - almost 135 kmh
1951 Record of the Vespa 171 kmh
1954 Appearance on the market of the Vespa of 150 Cm3
1963 Appearance of the small-engined car is 50cm3 The last model of Ascanio
1966 Twentieth Anniversary of the Vespa
1966 Until this date the Piaggio firm produced more than three million units who were sold in the whole world
1968 the Vespa is made up of more than ± 1364 parts
1994 the Piaggio firm employs 7000 persons
1996 Fiftieth anniversary of the Vespa
1996 Until 1996 Piaggio sold more than 11.000.000 of scooters for the majority of the models Vespa