Comité VCB

Bart Bergans - Président

  Tout à commencer en 1987 . Pour moi tout est question d'amité, de passion et de plaisir.  

Jacques Chantrain - Président d'honneur

Sandra Leenaerts - Vice-Présidente

For me, the Vespa adventure started in 2011, when my husband bought a Vespa and I became his passenger. Thas was quite fun, but the fun increased dramatically when I bought my own Vespa. There, in that moment, I got infected with a bad case of Vespa fever! For me, my Vespa quickly became a symbol of freedom, meeting new people and exploring new horizons... Or, as the Italians call it: la dolce vita.

Paul Van Den Broecke - Secrétaire

When passion for the iconic two-wheeler merges with a friendly community of enthusiastic riders, you know you are in a good place…
Always looking to share tips, stories and experiences about our beloved scooters, interested in exploring scenic routes through the Belgian countryside and sharing the same love for style, freedom and the unique charm of the Vespa. Whether you are a seasoned Vespa veteran or just starting your adventure on two wheels, at Vespa Club Belgium you will enjoy the warm cameraderie of like-minded Vespa enthusiasts

Dimitri Seidoff - Trésorier

   Actif au Vespa club depuis 1985.  Roulez sympa, roulez Vespa ! 

Angelo Gaudino - Webmaster

Arrived since 2016, the world of vespa has no borders. Rich in encounters and magical moments.