Membership Benefits

Members of the VCB receive:

  • a VCB Member card and number
  • a VCB Sticker
  • a VCB Patch (for the first 3000 inscribed only)
  • access to the Vespa World Days: inscription, banner and reception

Club Membership

Is your club interested in joining? Membership is available to any Belgian club which conforms to the following conditions:

  • Only one club per municipality or city can become member.
  • The official name of a local Vespa Club will be: "Vespa Club + Municipality/City"
  • A club that signs up, and whose location is situated less than 20km from an already affiliated club, can join only after written consent of that club. When applying for membership in the VCB, this written permission needs to be handed over to the Board of Directors of the VCB.
  • A club can only join if it has at least 25 actual members.
  • Club committee: at least 3 out of 5 members from the Municipality/City
  • 75% of the members living at less then 20km from the Municipality/City
  • An affiliated club will be required to register all of its members with the VCB.

Membership runs for the current year from the date your club joined.
Do you have any more questions?
Feel free to mail to for more information.

Individual Membership

Individual membership of the VCB doesn't exist without first being a member of an affiliated club. Check the Clubs page to find a club in your area.

Membership Charges

For 2023 : 6 euro per member of the affiliated club.


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